CONNECT Home Groups

At Calvary Tabernacle, we believe that authentic relationships are essential for individual growth. For this reason, we have placed a high priority on connecting with others as we meet weekly to grow both relationally and spiritually.  Connect regularly meets in the main sanctuary but throughout the year, we split into connect groups. Find out more.



Grow is a 3-course series and is the next step towards connecting to Calvary Tabernacle. Our goal is to provide you with a snapshot of who we are, what we believe, and how you can get involved. Grow meets every Sunday at 9:30am in the conference room. We alternate 101 and 201 from month to month and offer 301 after several people complete 201. Sign up for grow classes here.


Connect with people through similar passions and interests. Calvary Tabernacle small groups exist to strengthen the community within our church and to be a connection point to the NWA community. There’s something for everyone! Find out more here.